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The A.V. Hunter Trust awarded $207,500 in special COVID-19 Response grants in May and September. These 43 surprise grants were given without restriction.  Most of the recipients were small rural food banks, meal programs, emergency services programs and organizations serving victims of domestic violence.   


Recognizing that nearly all nonprofits are facing challenges right now, the Trust is working to maintain our regular grant cycles.  For those organizations that were funded earlier in 2020, all grant application and report deadlines have not changed.  Proposal reviews and grant distributions are remaining on schedule.  If your organization was not previously funded in 2020, please hold any inquiries regarding eligibility until after the office reopens. 


The A. V. Hunter Trust continues to operate remotely.  The office is closed, and all travel has been cancelled until future notice.  Any updates will be posted here on our website, so please check back occasionally for the latest information. 


Thank you for your patience as we work through this together.  


If you have further questions, please email: 

These are the words that successful businessman and philanthropist Absalom Valentine (A.V.) Hunter wrote in a codicil to his will in March 1920, when he decided to leave half of his estate to help those in need.

Mr. Hunter was far less renowned than his fellow contemporaries, but he amassed a fortune greater than many of those more famous personalities from Colorado's colorful past.  Nearly a century later, A.V. Hunter's commitment to helping those less fortunate continues to have a profound impact on the lives of millions of Coloradans.

Upon his death in 1924, the A.V. Hunter Trust was formed with an original endowment of $1.3 million.  The Trust has matured under strong fiscal management, resulting in more than $81 million in donations to Colorado nonprofit organizations and individuals in need.

Who Should Apply for Funding?

The A.V. Hunter Trust provides funding throughout the state of Colorado through:

Grants to qualifying nonprofit organizations offering direct services to

assist those in need, including:

  • Disabled

  • Indigent

  • Seniors

  • Youth

Funds for One to assist qualified individuals with the purchase of

eyeglasses, hearing aids, durable medical equipment, and limited dental procedures through applications from a Case Manager.

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