Allan B. Adams


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Vice President

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Janet Willson

Executive Director

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Senior Program Officer

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Program Officer/Grants

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Program Officer/Funds for One

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Accounting Manager


When A. V. Hunter wrote his will in 1920, he named three Trustees to oversee the creation of the A. V. Hunter Trust and make decisions about the distribution of funds.  At inception, nearly all assets were held in stock of the First National Bank of Denver where A. V. Hunter had been President and Chairman of the Board.  Over time, the Board grew to five Trustees who hold lifetime appointments and are responsible for the operations of the A. V. Hunter Trust, including charitable distributions. 


Our current President, Allan B. Adams, has served as a Trustee for 34 years. 
A retired attorney, Allan’s ties to the A. V. Hunter Trust date back to 1938 when his grandfather, Clarence Adams, first served as a Trustee.  Allan’s father, Eugene Adams, also served as a Trustee from 1956 to 1986.  When Eugene retired, Allan succeeded his father on the Board.

“The A. V. Hunter Trust is unique in that it helps individuals as well as nonprofit organizations.  We like funding in rural areas, too, where our relatively small grants can have a far greater impact,” said Allan.  “We are more intentional in our funding now, and we have seen small nonprofits reap big benefits from this approach.”

The staff and Board appreciate Allan’s leadership, and the unwavering dedication of the Adams family, as evidenced through three generations and many decades of service to the A. V. Hunter Trust.