Letters of Inquiry

All organizations that have not been funded by the A.V. Hunter Trust in the previous calendar year must call (303) 399-5450, or email news@avhuntertrust.org to discuss your organization to see if it aligns with the Trust's current funding priorities.

The following guidelines will help you determine if your program is eligible for funding from the A.V. Hunter Trust and aligns with these priorities.  After reviewing this information, please call us with any questions or suggestions.  Our goal is to help you get your proposal funded or save you precious time preparing a proposal that won't be considered.


A current priority for the Trust is to help small organizations in rural or under-served communities.  If your annual operating budget is in excess of $1 million, your organization is unlikely to be considered for first-time funding at this time.


The Trust will consider only one request from an organization during any calendar year.


Organizations must have been operating as a 501(c)(3) for at least three years.


The Trust does not accept proposals from organizations using a fiscal agent or fiscal sponsor.


All new Applicants should demonstrate fiscal responsibility by not having an operating deficit in the immediately completed fiscal year.


Applicant organizations must be located within the State of Colorado and benefit Colorado residents.

The A.V. Hunter Trust is pleased to award grants for general operating support.  In order to fund this very broad, yet basic need, the Trust must narrow its focus.

Therefore, grant requests for the following types of support will not be reviewed:

• Capital campaigns or capital acquisitions, including construction and renovations

• Disease specific programs

Educational programs or scholarship aid


Gathering or disseminating information

Purchase of tickets for fundraising benefits, special events or sponsorships

Pass-through or start-up funds

Publications, films or other media projects

Research projects

Staff recruitment and training

We encourage you to contact the Trust's office at (303) 399-5450, or news@avhuntertrust.org with any questions you may have regarding your organization's eligibility or the grant application process.