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From the Board of Trustees

On December 31, 2020, Barbara Howie retired from the A. V. Hunter Trust.  The Trustees and staff are deeply grateful for her dedicated service to the Trust for the past 17 years. 


For nearly four decades, Barbara has served the nonprofit sector in several roles.  Like many, she began as a volunteer.  The first grant proposal she wrote as a volunteer was submitted to the A. V. Hunter Trust and it was funded, so she was hired to help with fundraising for that organization.  She continued working in development for nonprofit organizations for the next 22 years, during which she served on several Boards and obtained the Certified Fundraising Executive credential.  In 2003, Barbara was hired as the Program Officer at the Trust; three years later, she was appointed Executive Director.  There is no doubt that her long career in fundraising gave her a deep understanding of the challenges faced by nonprofits and compassion for people in need.  

During her tenure here, she has skillfully guided the Trust and overseen the granting of $40 million to nonprofits and individuals throughout the State of Colorado.  Barbara worked tirelessly to assist any nonprofit seeking guidance or advice.  The Trustees, her staff, colleagues, and numerous nonprofit organizations have all benefitted from her professionalism, approachability, and commitment to excellence through the years.  We are indebted to Barbara for her sage leadership, and we wish her the best as she embarks on the next chapter of her life—full retirement.   

The Trustees are pleased to announce the appointment of Janet Willson as Executive Director.  Prior to joining the Trust in 2010, Janet had an extensive career in finance, beginning as an auditor with Price Waterhouse.  Having served as the Controller at the Trust, Janet has been deeply involved in every facet of financial management and planning.  Her willingness to help potential grantees navigate the often-confusing world of nonprofit reporting has proven beneficial to many.  She is grateful for Barbara’s mentorship over the past ten years and is excited to continue building upon the legacy of the A. V. Hunter Trust.     

The Trust’s mission has not and will not change with the coming leadership transition.  We remain committed to carrying out A. V. Hunter’s vision as he described it in 1920.