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Bruce K. Alexander


Allan B. Adams

Vice President

Mary K. Anstine


Jeremy O. May


W. Robert Alexander



Barbara L. Howie

Executive Director

Charlotte A. Gillespie

Senior Program Officer

Ryan O. Campbell

Program Officer/Grants

Kary L. Cramer

Program Officer/Funds for One

Janet G. Willson



The Board of Trustees of the A.V. Hunter Trust is comprised of five members.  Because these are lifetime appointments, only 22 Trustees have served on the Board since the Trust's inception in 1924.  The current President, Bruce K. Alexander, is President and CEO of Vectra Bank.  Bruce (pictured here) has served on the Board for 15 years, but his ties to the A.V. Hunter Trust go back three generations.

In 1911, A.V. Hunter was appointed President of the First National Bank of Denver.  The following year, the Capitol National Bank merged with First National, bringing several experienced bankers to the executive management team of the First National Bank.  One of these men was Hugh J. Alexander, Bruce's great grandfather.

When Mr. Hunter was compelled to resign from his position as President in 1914 due to failing health, Hugh Alexander was appointed to succeed him.  However, Hunter remained as an active Chairman of the Board until his death in 1924.  Thus, the two men worked together to build the bank into one of the largest, strongest, and most respected in the west.

Philip K. Alexander, Hugh's son, served on the Board of First National Bank.  He also organized and managed the Business Development Department until his retirement in 1961, at which time he had worked 46 years at the bank.  He remained a director until 1968.

Philip's son, Bruce D. Alexander, began his banking career at First National Bank in 1949.  He was instrumental in establishing the First National Bancorporation  holding company and became its second President in 1969.  He went on to become President of the First National Bank in 1978.

When the A.V. Hunter Trust was established upon Hunter's death, most of the assets in the Trust consisted of shares of stock in the First National Bank.  This did not change until 1984.  Thus there have been four generations of the Alexander family who have contributed to building the financial strength of the A.V. Hunter Trust.

Bank officers (c.1918).  Hugh J. Alexander is seated at left, next to A.V. Hunter