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Letters of Inquiry, Grant Applications & Grant Reports

PLEASE NOTE:  The A.V. Hunter Trust is now only accepting Letters of Inquiry (LOI), Grant Applications, and Grant Reports online.  Please follow the instructions below.

Organizations Not Funded in the Previous Year

All organizations that have not been funded by the A.V. Hunter Trust in the previous calendar year must submit an initial LOI.  You must call the office first to discuss your organization to see if its mission is a good fit with the Trust's current funding priorities.  If so, we will email you specific instructions to log on to the site where you may submit your LOI and required financial statements.

Organizations Funded in the Previous Year

If you did not receive a grant last year, please refer to the process outlined above.

In last year's grant award letter, you received an access code along with the date of your specific application deadline.  The application will be open online eight weeks prior to the grant deadline.

Use this link to the Logon Page and follow the "User Instructions."  Do not create a new account for your organization!  If this will be your first time submitting a grant on behalf of your organization, please call us and we can assist you with accessing the existing account.

The grant application and grant report are one document.  Please complete all required fields and submit by your assigned application deadline.

Tips for Applying Online

Please follow the "User Instructions" for a step by step guide to registering and applying for grants.  If you forget your password, you can retrieve it from the Logon Page.

Download the question list prior to completing the online application.  This will tell you what information you need to gather prior to starting your application.

We recommend that you complete your answers to the questions in a separate Word document, then cut and paste the text into the fields online.  This will allow you to check for spelling errors prior to submitting your grant.  The online application does not have this function.

The character count limits in the text boxes are only limits.  You are not required to use all of the space provided.

We encourage you to call the A.V. Hunter Trust's office at 303-399-5450 with any questions you have regarding your organization's eligibility or the grant application process.

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