The Funds for One Program will be temporarily closed from September 25th to October 12th as we transition to a new online application system. 

  1. No new applications will be accepted during this timeframe.  If you would like an application to be considered for funding, the application must be submitted by Thursday, September 24th.  Otherwise, you will need to create a new profile and all information will need to be re-entered into our new system beginning October 12th. 

  2. Payment processing will continue uninterrupted.  Vendors and dentists may continue to submit requests for payment whenever the previously approved work has been completed.   

  3. If you have questions, please email Kary Cramer at  

  4. Please check back here on October 12th for login information. 


Welcome to Funds for One, a unique program of the A.V. Hunter Trust.  Funds for One provides an opportunity for Case Managers to apply for funding toward the purchase of durable medical equipment and dental services for their individual Clients.

Please read Frequently Asked Questions to determine eligibility.  Not everyone qualifies for the Funds for One program.

Read Step-by-Step which explains the application process.

Review the Case Manager page which describes who can serve as a Case Manager and the responsibilities they have.

For any questions, please contact Program Officer Kary Cramer at 

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Please Note:

It is the policy of the A.V. Hunter Trust to keep case management and service provision separate.  Therefore, a Case Manager cannot work for, or be affiliated with, the vendor providing services.

The Funds for One application is only available through this online process.  Applications submitted via fax, email, messenger or mail will not be acknowledged, considered or returned.

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