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Here is a list of steps to guide you through the application process.

1. Read the Frequently Asked Questions page.

2. The individual in need of assistance (Client) identifies a Case Manager (Applicant) willing to complete and submit the application on their behalf.  Please see the Case Manager page to learn:

  • Why is it necessary to have a Case Manager?

  • What does a Case Manager do?

  • Who can serve as a Case Manager?

3. The Case Manager uses the link below to access the online application.

  • Only applications submitted by the Case Manager through the online application system will be accepted.

  • For login and application instructions click HERE.

  • For a complete list of application questions click HERE.

4. The Case Manager compiles information, and then completes and submits the application.  Please note: Applications started but not completed within 60 days will automatically be deleted.

5. The Case Manager is notified of the funding decision and notifies the Client of the outcome.

6. If a funding award is made, the A.V. Hunter Trust will also notify the vendor or dentist of the award.

7. The Client and vendor/dentist work together to complete the work before the expiration date of the award.

8. Once the treatment has been completed or the equipment has been received, the vendor will be paid directly by the A.V. Hunter Trust.  No funds are ever distributed to individuals.

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